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Nigeria, with a very extensive and rich mosaic of public and private universities (we can mention Okada and Sir Gabriel Igbinedion and many other very numerous public ones), which, fortunately for the country, is nourished by the best and young talents who, after receiving a very notable training, with immediacy and breadth in engineering in the industrial sector and, particularly in the petroleum sector, Oil&Gas, with extensive experience in international universities and foreign companies, we find ourselves, even with this splendid horizon and possessing potential and countless resources for development, with unnecessary surprises.
How is it possible for a foreign technician, who surely in his strictly technical work corresponds to his responsibilities, but, and this is a big but, that technical training does not correspond with the breadth of training required in all fields of human activity?, in all professions. How is ignorance possible in international commercial relations, led by that same ignorance to seek the discredit of another company, in this case financial, that was going to be related to yours: Pinnacle Oil&Gas Limited, based in Lagos, where you hold the position of Chief Executive Officer (I am not referring here to the financial company that I personally have registered in Nigeria)
Indeed, is it inexplicable that Robert Dickerman does not know how to distinguish an instrumental company, registered solely to operate financially in international financial markets, from other companies with a business structure, assets and functional organizational chart to act entrepreneurially and achieve their production objectives? Does this gentleman not know how to distinguish between a bank and an intermediary financial company? The question is rhetorical, as I myself can attest to his limited knowledge of financial and credit matters. With the insult that the donkey sitting on a golden chair allows himself to defame and insult, with the intention of discrediting, blaming others for what he and his lack of enlightenment are the only ones to blame. Perhaps also ignoring that falsely accusing someone of misconduct is a crime for the person who falsely accuses. And, when the second one asks for explanations, he does not respond, he does not explain, he does not explain what he bases his accusations on. Accusations that, because they are false, have no explanation. Ignorance has always been said to be very daring. But what is unacceptable is hiding showing ignoble cowardice. The honest thing, Mr. Dickerman, for all good people, is to retract and apologize when they make a mistake.
And more, when that instrumental financial company has relevant experts in international finance in its management and access to large investment funds, and to frame the professional ridicule that you have incurred, tell you that this financial intermediary participates in other very important companies. capitalized with very high resources that are making billion-dollar investments and, to close the circle, they are related and acting in the transfer of voluminous resources with interbank funds of European banks. So, Mr. Dickerman, let me tell you that Nigeria and its industrial development, beyond a doubt, does not deserve the high knowledge that you have and none on these matters.
Joan Llopis Torres
Accredited financial representative.
CEO financial company registered in Nigeria.
Permitted Resident.

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