Business over Tapas September 14 2017 Nº 224

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Spain is a country where no one appears to buy the press any more (the biggest newspaper is El País with just 96,000 copies sold daily). Perhaps we get our news online, perhaps we watch it on the telly, and perhaps we don’t tune in at all.

200 additional emergency beds for individuals will be in place in Dublin by December 2017 (100 by end-October)

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A further €10 million in funding for more Family Hubs is being ring-fenced, as demand arises from Local Authorities, to be drawn down this year. This is in addition to funding announcements for Family Hubs in June.

Business over Tapas September 7 2017 Nº 223

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We are careful not to say – rather, to write – the wrong thing. Oh, someone on Facebook will set up a hue and cry because we didn’t ‘like’ the doggy picture, or we failed to support some post about alternative medicine or tattoos. We could be ostracised – which in Facebook terms means we are ‘unfollowed’. It’s a bit like being ‘Sent to Coventry’.

Business over Tapas August 31 2017 Nº 222

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Following on from the recent terror attack, Barcelona was host on Saturday to 500,000 people who had come to show their feelings against terrorism; the King of Spain and Mariano Rajoy were among them. But, anything to do with Catalonia means politics, and there are items aplenty to suit every position.

Business over Tapas August 24 2017 Nº 221

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The horrid events in Barcelona last week appear to have reached their conclusion, with the shooting of the homicidal van driver by the Catalonian police, the Mossos d'Esquadra. There is some political and social fallout still to come, no doubt (including a squabble over who should be present in the solemn ‘no tinc por – we aren’t afraid’ Barcelona march on Saturday), but the greatest effect on all of this may be on tourism.

Business over Tapas 23 March 2017 Nº 201

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The British government is to trigger the infamous Article 50 on Wednesday 29th of this month. This is the mechanism to begin the UK’s departure from the EU. It should apparently take two years to achieve. Maybe.

Irelanda and Spain: Literary links

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IT IS a commonplace that the Irish-Spanish connections is venerable and persistent, although one suspects that it barely surfaces in the consciousness of the Irish tourists who for the last quarter-century have been descending on the Costa Brava and the Costa del Sol.  In this century alone the literature links are of surprising profusion and I propose for a month or two to consider some of them.

Business over Tapas August 17 2017 Nº 220

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Following on from last week’s editorial on ‘turismofobia’, we look at the difference between short term tourism and long term residence. Where the average tourist is in Spain for five days, where his holiday spend is largely retained by his tour-operator in his country of origin and where his loyalty towards Spain is low. By contrast, we who live in Spain as foreigners know full well that we are here for the long term, that we are more valuable to the economy and, as well, far more loyal to our locality than the tourists.

Business over Tapas 10 August 2017 Nº 219

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Tourism brings untold wealth and a huge number of jobs to Spain – yet there are now some voices raised against this summer onslaught.

Business over Tapas August 3 2017 Nº 218

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Two weeks holiday in Portugal has made a pleasurable break from Paradise. Spain is a wonderful place to live, but a short time away can help put things in better perspective.

2017 Dublin Horse Show Launched

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Ticket Sales, Competitor Entries and Corporate Hospitality all bode well for 2017 Show

Festival Internacional de Musica Celta , Rostrevor, Co. Down, Irlanda del Norte

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Sunday 23rd – Sunday 30th July 2017




“Putting the Fiddler into Fiddler’s Green”

  • El " Lado Oscuro " de las campañas del PP viaja a Madrid " Exclusiva Xornal Galicia ".

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    El " Lado Oscuro " de las campañas del PP viaja a Madrid " Exclusiva Xornal Galicia ". El lado Oscuro del partido popular de Galicia y de Asturias Miguel Tellado y la imputada por tráfico de influencias Teresa Mallada de espaldas a Pablo Casado se reúnen en Madrid con secretario general del grupo popular en el Congreso Guillermo Mariscal, tras las urgentes reuniones de Galicia y Asturias pues la campaña tiene que estar "saneada" antes del 15 de Marzo.Con posterioridad a la reunion se dirigieron Miguel y Teresa a la Casa de México donde según nuestras fuentes se encontraba Alberto el caddy de Oleiros se desconece si en la reunión se encontraba el golfista Eduardo Peña Nieto y quien pago la comida, y si llegaron a algún acuerdo para financiar la campaña de Feijóo muy escasa de recursos al gastar y dilapidar todo los recursos María del Mar Sánchez Sierra en publicidad prohibida por la Ley y a la luz de descubrirse sus "URGENTES VIAJES" a Argentina, Montevideo, Mexico y Venezuela con la financiación con el dinero[…]

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