Business over Tapas February 1 2018 Nº 243

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It is hard to move to live in another country, surrounded by strangers, with different customs (although, we all seem to enjoy the challenge and the adventure). How hard is it, though, to return to one’s own country again? Perhaps age, or family concerns, or illness, or the death of one’s lifetime companion will be the leading reason why someone must return. How do they manage, once they are back? It is said that after ten years away from your country, you have moved a decade in one direction, while your old home has moved a decade in another.

Is there any help or advice back in the UK, or Germany or Holland for the weary son who returns to the homeland? Will they ‘kill the fatted calf’?

Business over Tapas January 25 2018 Nº 242

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Corruption is a lively preoccupation in modern countries and, in Spain, it is practically considered as part of the woodwork. Perhaps it is so common as to be dismissed with nothing more than a slightly embarrassed shrug. We would all do the same if we were in power, we hint with a dismissive smile. Certainly, a friend in local office tells of a new councillor from another party sidling up to him the other day and asking ‘well, now I’m in, so how do I make money?’

Business over Tapas January 11 2018 Nº 240

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The huge Madrid tour fair FITUR is held next week – starting on Wednesday and running through Sunday 21st. This massive event, under the light of eighty two million foreign visitors to Spain in 2017 together with any number of Spanish holidaymakers (Catalonia, disappointingly bucking the trend following the political upheaval there), will be a temporary home to an expected 10,000 exhibitors, as 2017’s figures were ‘9,893 exhibiting companies from 165 countries/regions, 135,858 trade participants and 107,213 people from the general public’. A video from LaSexta says that there were – in the first eleven months of 2017 – 18 million Britons, 11.4 million Germans and 10.7 million French visitors (no wonder they forget about us foreign residents). Does Spain (with a population of 46 million souls) need more tourists – or merely more income from tourism?


Article 1. Objective

Mr José Antonio Sierra Lumbreras and the University of Málaga, through the Aula María Zambrano of Transatlantic Studies UMA – ATECH, in order to encourage research and arouse the interest in the relations between Spain and Ireland in any academic and/or scientific discipline, announce the George Campbell Award of the Aula María Zambrano of Transatlantic Studies.

The event announced the George Campbell Award, which aims to encourage the research on relationships between both countries.

The Aula María Zambrano of HYPERLINK ""TranslatlanticHYPERLINK "" Studies UMA - ATECH held the Fifth Transatlantic Tribune "Bilateral Relations Spain-Ireland" in the Rectorate Building of the University of Málaga organised along with the Universidad de Málaga. The meeting focused on the links established between both countries throughout history, addressing also present and future issues, and putting the spotlight on the Ireland role in the European Union. During the presentation participated Juan Antonio García Galindo, Vice Rector of Institutional Policy of the University of Málaga and Director of Aula María Zambrano of Transatlantic Studies, and José Antonio Sierra, former Director of Cervantes Institute at Dublin and benefactor of the George Campbell Award from the Aula María Zambrano of Transatlantic Studies of the University of Málaga.

Business over Tapas January 4 2018 Nº 239

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There’s some doubt over whether Otto von Bismark said this (but, after all, somebody did): ‘Spain is the strongest country in the world. Century after century trying to destroy itself and still without success. When it stops trying it will once again be a world leader.' Sometimes this news-letter, Business over Tapas, appears to feature material which suggests that Spain is indeed endlessly trying to shoot itself in the foot.

Business over Tapas December 21 2017 Nº 238

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Today, Thursday, is Election Day in Catalonia. Three parties support independence, balanced evenly against three who are ‘Constitutionalists’. In the middle lies the seventh: En Comú Podem. Who will win and what will happen? Keep an eye on Lenox’ blog Spanish Shilling for the results here.


Many of the subjects close to British expatriate interests have been discussed in the Brexit talks.

Don’t worry’, says the ambassador benignly, ‘everything will be all right’.

Business over Tapas December 14 2017 Nº 237

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Christmas is looming with bunting in the windows. Paper Santas are climbing the walls (as indeed are many parents), there are coloured lights in every shopping street while sickly children’s voices singing villancicos can be heard through the piped music across the plazas and malls. Spend spend spend. Shopping is so fierce in Madrid, they’ve made a couple of pedestrian streets one way!

And there’s still another ten days to go.

Business over Tapas December 7 2017 Nº 236

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There’s a decidedly odd election coming up, on a Thursday, just four days before Christmas, between seven parties, of which one is led by a man in exile in Belgium and another by a man in prison in Madrid. Three of the parties are for an independent republic; three evenly balanced against them are the ‘constitutionalist’ parties (with Ciudadanos leading the pack), and there’s the odd-one out – the local version of Podemos, which, as The Local says here, ‘...the likely kingmaker according to the polls will be En Comu, the alliance made up by far-left party Podemos and Barcelona mayor Ada Colau, which according to the CIS poll would capture nine seats. The party opposes independence but backs a legally binding referendum on secession which Spain's central government deems unconstitutional...’.   

Business over Tapas November 30 2017 Nº 235

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Like all news-services, the Business over Tapas editors tend to choose items that they consider of general interest and avoid those that aren’t. While we try not to have a political agenda, it’s perhaps inevitable that there is one, as might be seen from the items below. We do of course try to be impartial, sourcing many different newspapers, news-sites, agencies and blogs, and we also avoid sucesos (news events of passing interest). Our aim is to provide news about Spain of interest to property owners and investors.

aumazam1mDurante la jornada se ha presentado el premio ‘George Campbell’, que incentiva la investigación entre ambos países

El Aula María Zambrano de Estudios Transatlánticos UMA-Atech ha celebrado hoy en el Rectorado de la Universidad de Málaga su V Tribuna Transatlántica, un encuentro de expertos que ha abordado las relaciones bilaterales, pasadas y presentes, entre España e Irlanda.

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It must be horrible to be in prison. The Norwegian ones – where the repentant murderer plays his guitar, cooks his own meals and has a terrace to his room notwithstanding. We should also excise the Dutch ones which are closing down, through a general lack of prisoners to fill them. The American ones – which we have seen often enough on the TV or in films – are more like it: usually with Morgan Freeman or that Tom Cruise fellow banged up for life. Nasty guards, murders and people pumping iron.

  • El " Lado Oscuro " de las campañas del PP viaja a Madrid " Exclusiva Xornal Galicia ".

    Xornal Galicia A Coruña Lugo Ourense Pontevedra Vigo Santiago Localidades[…]

    El " Lado Oscuro " de las campañas del PP viaja a Madrid " Exclusiva Xornal Galicia ". El lado Oscuro del partido popular de Galicia y de Asturias Miguel Tellado y la imputada por tráfico de influencias Teresa Mallada de espaldas a Pablo Casado se reúnen en Madrid con secretario general del grupo popular en el Congreso Guillermo Mariscal, tras las urgentes reuniones de Galicia y Asturias pues la campaña tiene que estar "saneada" antes del 15 de Marzo.Con posterioridad a la reunion se dirigieron Miguel y Teresa a la Casa de México donde según nuestras fuentes se encontraba Alberto el caddy de Oleiros se desconece si en la reunión se encontraba el golfista Eduardo Peña Nieto y quien pago la comida, y si llegaron a algún acuerdo para financiar la campaña de Feijóo muy escasa de recursos al gastar y dilapidar todo los recursos María del Mar Sánchez Sierra en publicidad prohibida por la Ley y a la luz de descubrirse sus "URGENTES VIAJES" a Argentina, Montevideo, Mexico y Venezuela con la financiación con el dinero[…]

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